In Jag Lever

Picks up her books and starts to read.

A romance novel with a picture perfect ending,

She puts it down cause it hurts her to think

Of all the times that she knows I wasn’t listening

To all the claims of love she don’t receive.

– Dylan LeBlanc

While wearing my new leather hat I can’t help but think of either a western setting or an outback setting. When thinking of western, I think of one of my current favorite musicians, Dylan LeBlanc. I would classify him as indie/folky, new country. Just sappy enough but bold with his beautiful lyrics and voice. His music is moving.

I like this look a lot because of its simplicity, yet it seems very stark and modern. Some days it’s nice to be simple. This sweater with leather sleeves paired perfect with the leather hat. I love my leather!


Sweatshirt with leather sleeves from W Concept

Leather hat from

Minimarket wedges (old)

Topshop tweed shorts (old)

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Jag Lever

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