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Weekly Grams: Canada Edition!

Traveling to Canada with Jag Lever

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All of my selected favorite Instagrams from this past week are all from my trip to Canada! Wooh!

  1. Bloggers Elle Frost (from Paris) and Danielle Roche (from Toronto) and I having lunch with the team!
  2. A pretty little scenic shot I took from the Megabus to Niagara Falls.
  3. About to have my last swim at the pool!
  4. The ferris wheel at Niagara Falls.
  5. CN tower in downtown Toronto. I was strangely obsessed with taking pictures of this! #tourist
  6. Shooting pretty photos with Elle Frost in the flowers at Niagara. (Photo by Danielle)
  7. Kinder egg! My mom used to bring these home from Canada for me sometimes and I loveee them. (Thanks Elle!)
  8. Of course, the beautiful falls!

Le sigh. I had a wonderful time, but I believe the trip was just not long enough! I felt like I had gone through some kind of time warp when I came off of the plane today. It emptied into the same gate that I boarded on five days ago, and the same thing was still on the news in the terminal. It was weird and disorienting.I forgot just how much I missed traveling.



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  1. carol
    8 years ago

    haha kinder surprise, sweets of my childhood ! 🙂

  2. colinechavaroche
    8 years ago

    Nice insta post 🙂

    Coline ♡

  3. Camila Cediel
    8 years ago

    That’s exactly how I felt about my trip to Montreal! Too short it felt like a time warp.

    1. jaglever
      8 years ago

      How did it go in Montreal?


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