I’m coming home to Wuthering Heights.

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Heathcliff, It’s me Cathy. I love Wuthering Heights so much! This look definitely has that vibe. Noelle had the idea to place books around me for some of the photos and I immediately grabbed my old copy of Wuthering Heights that my grandma gave me. Whats great is we kind of did this shoot on a whim inside my apartment and I couldn’t be happier with these photos!

Also, tomorrow I leave America for Canada! Woohoo!




Dress from SheInside | Garter + Stockings from Romwe

Photography by Noelle Downing, editing by me.


  1. This gothic, mod, 60s thing works so well on you!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Cool look! Love the bottom lashes. And the dress, very vintage :) I wish I could go to the 501 party, since I live in Toronto!


  3. You look so glam here! I’m in love with the mod look. These Dirty Laundry Dona shoes (http://www.chineselaundry.com/products2.cfm/ID/524/c/dirty-laundry-casual/attr1/47) would go perfect with this outfit. So adorable.

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