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Weekly grams.


Jeffrey Campbell “Alexis” boots that I thrifted at Crossroads Trading. They look just like the Acne “Atacoma” boot that I’ve wanted for so long. They’ll hold me over until I finally get the Acne pair! At first I couldn’t even tell if they were the Acne ones or not.


Noelle gave me the other half of her “Best Fuckin’ Friends” necklace from In God We Trust. It was a beautiful moment in our friendship.


One of the photos from the H&M shoot that I recently did.


Shooting the sunset in between buildings in Manhattan.


Bonnie and I went to the beach last week. I really wish I was back there today.


Kids were feeding the seagulls. It was cute.


Sharing a Nutella pizza with Noelle. So delish. So healthy… okay maybe not the last part.


Feeling like myself being around trees.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “weekly grams” post! There’s been a lot of great ‘grams hittin’ my insta so it’s about time I do some catching up! Currently I’m listening to reggae music on Pandora, wishing I had a friend that was free to go to the beach on this beautiful day.

It’s Sunday after all. I just want to spread out on the sand and get some sun. I really love running around in the ocean too. Nothing beats swimming on a hot day like today.

Still crossing my fingers that Michigan will work out…



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  1. BrunnaRodrigues
    7 years ago

    I just gave my best friend a similar necklace. I will always remember how happy she got that day. There are few people in the world that we can connect enough to call it best. I love your blog and how you took your pictures, you’re so talented.


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