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Weekly grams.


Apple picking!

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My car, a 2005 ford focus hatchback. His name is Jamie.


My last cup of coffee in the back yard before my flight.


My little cousin Jillian wanted me to photograph these pretty leaves. She had a good reason!


My childhood home.


I had a really great time visiting Michigan last week. I went because the fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year, and nothing beats fall in the mitten. I needed orchards, fields and trees. It was so lovely to spend some time driving through nothingness. I missed my car, Jamie. He’s such a good car! I love listening to my favorite fall songs super loud and just driving. It was the perfect change in pace… not to mention I forgot how CHEAP everything in Detroit is!

The strange thing about this trip is I realized that each time I travel I gain a little bit more anxiety. It’s so weird. I guess it kind of makes sense because as my parents get older they seem to also gain anxiety in things that used to never bother them.  I used to love flying! Maybe over time I can get more used to it again. I also faced my other fear the same day I flew back which is going to the dentist. I had no cavities… wooh! I just hate the dentist as many others do.

All in all with horror movies with my brother, haunted houses and apple orchards my week was delightful!

I hope you all had a relaxing week and a great weekend!



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  1. Robin Brook
    11 years ago

    I gain anxiety as I get older too! I think I’ve become too aware of all the potential bad things that could happen, where as when I was younger I was much more naive. Beautiful photos as always! x

  2. Hayley
    11 years ago

    Glad you had a great time, looks like it!

    Hayley xx

  3. Epp
    11 years ago

    Your childhood home seems so approaching and cozy, you are lucky! 🙂


  4. laviniah
    11 years ago

    Great post! Michigan seems like a wonderful, homely place x

  5. nermina
    11 years ago

    Love your jacket in holding-the-teacup-photo. Where is it from? xx


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