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What a week it has been… it feels like it simply flew by! I came back from Toronto, had a second Levi’s event in New York and even though I haven’t unpacked my bags from Toronto yet… I have to pack my bags again for Michigan! I leave on Tuesday morning and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t been home since Christmas. I miss my family and friends soooooo much. Not to forget the trees, fresh Michigan air and relaxation. This trip will be a double whammy because I also get to go to Chicago! My beloved Chicago, how I miss thee.

In this weeks gram post…

  1. French pressin’ in the morning. Nothing beats the coffee that comes out of this simple yet sophisticated machine! Also, take a look at that killer Sea World mug. Yep. Uh huh.
  2. Mirror selfie from yesterday of me ACTUALLY wearing my hair up! I love it. I’ll rock it more often!
  3. Macaroons! Super delicious and adorably colored for the best grams. Also, my new Modern Vice jett boots snuck in this picture!
  4. Part of the gang hanging out at the Levi’s x Lookbook event in Brooklyn! It was a blast.
  5. Another mirror selife of me in a new cardigan from MissKL that I absolutely love! This look is so western. I dig it.
  6. Beautiful Chaussure Lapin shoes from MissKL. I am blessed with good shoes.
  7. Finally, a photo of mine made it in the June issue of Vanity Fair! I’ve longed for the day that I am published in America.

Happy mothers day and I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Sunday!



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  1. carol
    11 years ago

    macaroooons ♥

    1. jaglever
      11 years ago

      They’re the best! <3

  2. Lucy
    11 years ago

    Lovely photos! Love those red shoes 🙂 xx

    1. colinechavaroche
      11 years ago

      Nice snapshoot 🙂
      you look amazing

      Coline ♡

  3. Domonique
    11 years ago

    Love these posts 🙂 Ohh Chicago- one place on my “visit” list!


  4. seekingstyle935j
    11 years ago

    I want a pair of Jetts so bad! I better start saving my pennies 😉

    xo Jennifer


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