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Oh my lovely northern Michigan, what I would give to be in you right now! Welcome to my first 50 states of fashion post for H&M’s new US web store launch! The day has finally come that we fashion lovers have all been waiting for! I will be guiding you through Michigan exploring my favorite cities by way of styled looks showcasing my favorite H&M pieces that are currently available for purchase!

H&M has selected a blogger to represent their home state. Of course I happily accepted responsibility for the beautiful, beautiful Michigan. I wanted to take my posts a step further so I decided to also dedicate each individual post to a city in Michigan that I adore. Without further adieu…

Welcome to Marquette!

My memories in Marquette have stuck with me for I believe more than ten years now! I was visiting my aunt and uncle when they lived there. I remember his little house on the lake with tons of beach property. To get to the house we had to walk through a teepee neighborhood. The teepees were made of cement and residents (mostly students/hippies) occupied them. They were only big enough for one person and maybe one cat! Quaint little cozy teepees they were in the middle of the pines.

I chose this long crochet/lace dress from H&M for my Marquette look. I styled it with a leather hat and leather matching boots. The tan raw leather with stitching adds to the native hippie vibe I was aiming for to celebrate the culture in Marquette.

One can shop the crochet H&M dress now on the new web store by clicking here!

And now for the juicy stuff… You can win an H&M gift card or a trip to NYC!

H&M is holding a special contest via Instagram for two great prizes! The grand prize is a $1,000 H&M shopping spree and a trip for two to NYC! The other prize will be a $250 gift card for one person in each of the five regions in the US! Represent your state by wearing H&M pieces (they don’t have to be new!) and hash tagging your photo on Instagram with #HMShopOnlineXX fill in the XX with your state’s abbreviation (mine for example would be #HMShopOnlineMI). Your photo will then appear to collect votes on H&M’s website here! Make sure to vote for your favorite looks!

Be sure to also sign up for H&M’s fashion news on their website to receive a discount on top of that!

Good luck everyone!




In this look…
H&M Ankle length lace dress | Leather Acne platform boots (old) | Floppy leather hat

Photos by Noelle Downing

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  1. Nailah
    6 years ago

    This is absolutely stunning! I’m entranced by the rawness and artistry behind the photos, and I absolutely adore those shoes! Great post!

  2. seekingstyle935j
    6 years ago


    xo Jennifer

  3. milex
    6 years ago

    pure love

  4. Bendler Showroom
    6 years ago

    Cute Outfit. Love the Acne platform boots.

    Bendler Showroom

  5. Ronnie
    6 years ago

    You should do an outfit about Ironwood. I live here right now and Iove fashion and I think you were a good pick to represent Michigan.


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