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My Tips for How I Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and anxiety can sneak up on you so unexpectedly and take such a toll on us. I deal with them quite frequently myself, so I wanted to include some of the things I like to do to help myself out of these moments.

I have been feeling so much anxiety recently and so many of you have reached out to me in response to some of my Instagram stories regarding this.

Most of my personal anxieties and panic attacks are triggered by deep thinking about our existence, a lot of this is fueled by my brother passing away at 34.

I’ve never really considered any of this until that happened and it has totally put life into a different meaning and perspective for me.

When I feel myself going down that path I instantly start to tense up and have overwhelming feelings of panic. I try to immediately get up refocus my thoughts on something completely different whether it’s putting on a movie or a TV show or playing with Finn, hugging Chris, I try to immediately distract myself from those thoughts. I personally recommend your favorite funny movie or a comedy show.

Taking a nice bath with a cup of tea is also helpful but I recommend putting on good music so you’re not spending that time in silence with your thoughts. Reading a favorite book is also a really great option!

Focus on your breathing, and recognize your panic attack and remind yourself that it is OK. Everyone goes through this, we are all in this together.

To summarize, my best advice is to always just make sure you’re keeping busy doing what you love if you are in a panic attack mode which is a phase that I personally get into and it doesn’t last very long, maybe a few weeks, I try to just refocus my energy on something positive. Be sure to treat yourself really well and practice self-care when you have a panic attack, because it is totally natural to have them. You will overcome it!

And most importantly if you feel like you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to reach out and get a therapist. I’m currently looking for a therapist myself and there is no shame in that whatsoever. Seeking help is super healthy and I recommend it to anyone!

I am still really new to this and learning how to deal with it myself so if you guys have any tips please leave them in the comments below and I can include them in a future post as I progress with my journey dealing with anxiety.

I love you guys so much and I am here for you if you need me!

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    Hey, thanks for sharing your experience! When it comes to anxiety, physical therapy is awesome. It can easily improve the mental health and give you your life back. The reason is that physical and mental wellness are connected 🙂

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    The best most amazing anxiety hack is chewing gum. It works like magic because chewing and saliva forces our nervous system to go into parasympathetic mode. Making you calmer and collected.

  4. Veronica
    2 years ago

    I Think exercise and meditation apart from medications is best treatment for anxiety. Always be with your friends, family and be connected.

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