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anxiety = no sleep.

i have been stressed about some things lately. things that normally don’t even cross my mind. i had a panic attack thinking about life and death having just lost a friend i grew up with in elementary school… and my friends grandmother passing. i have never felt that scared in my entire life. thankfully i had people to talk to and i calmed my nerves.

and now i am having anxiety about the dentist. ha ha. i just hate going and im pretty sure i have a cavity and i am so afraid that i will just get an overflow of bad news. i haven’t heard anything about my wisdom teeth out and i am deathly afraid of being put under for anything.

i am just a big baby and i hate the dentist and now for two nights i have not been able to sleep because of it.

tomorrow i am scheduling an appointment, hopefully that will make me feel less stressed. i am just unsure of why all of a sudden all of these things are hitting me like a ton of bricks. i feel like lately i just tend to dwell on things. 

then again i found this while reading about sagittarius women: “You generally have good health and vigour. However there may be various problems related with stress.”

well. i suppose thats all for now. sorry if this has brought anyone down. i know i’ll be fine, i always am. i have just hit a bad couple of days.

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