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Meet my new puppy, Maple!

Meet my new mini dachshund puppy, Maple! She is sooooo freaking sweet. I missed the personality of a dachshund in my home after Fern moved to Florida with Chris, so I found this little lady from a family that had pups and now she’s ours!

I couldn’t be happier with her. Finn is also absolutely smitten. I am so excited to teach her all of the tricks and take her to the dog park when it warms up!

Some of my important tips if you are looking for a dachshund puppy — you all know I am a HUGE advocate for rescuing! Check rescues first of course. It is pretty rare to find a mini dachshund (puppy especially) at a rescue, but it can happen. It definitely might take some time, potentially years if you’re particular about rescuing a specific breed, which I was not when I rescued Fern. For some backstory, when I wanted a second dog for Finn I had zero breed preferences which makes it much easier when rescuing a pup. I just preferred a smaller dog for travel reasons. I applied for roughly 10 puppies and a LOT fell through and there was a lot of heartbreak but when I was trying to adopt my second dog it was during the pandemic where lots of people were rescuing dogs at once (which is fantastic!) but it made getting a pup a lot more lengthy.

I was reached out to by someone at MSPCA about Fern and it was a pure stroke of luck. Again I wasn’t searching for a dachshund at all, it just worked out that way and after raising a dachshund for one year I fell in love with the breed. It took roughly two years from me applying at over `10 rescues in new york and surrounding states to actually getting a rescue pup, which again it was tougher with the pandemic.

This leads me to my decisions with Maple, she’s the only animal out of 5 that I’ve had on my own that isn’t from a rescue because I specifically knew after Fern that I didn’t want to live my life without a dachshund 🙂

There are a number of dachshund specific rescues you can check based in various states.

The positive with this breed specifically and finding a reputable breeder: seeing as that dachshunds are prone to health conditions that can be genetic (like IVDD) it does benefit to know the complete health and dna history of your dachshund puppy. In my case I got to know Maple’s health history since I know her exact parents that she came from. If you are using a breeder please, please be careful, do lots of research and of course there are a lot of scams out there.

Also Dachshunds are very stubborn and harder to train breeds, something else to keep in mind. Fern took nearly an entire year to get 95% potty trained. They’re just more difficult but damn are they cute and so worth it!

I hope you guys love following my journey with Maple, you’ll see lots more of her on my Instagram!

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