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How I met Chris

Finally sharing my story of how I met Chris!

Chris and I have such a funny story about how we met, and I don’t think I’ve actually ever shared it anywhere until now!

Nearly two years ago I had my longest single experience as an adult dating in New York. I’m an extremely monogamous person and I decided it was time to force myself to get out there and date the New York way. Which really just means putting yourself out there on tinder, bumble and meeting new people and seeing where it goes!

This was such a foreign thing for me. I’ve always been a little Midwestern girl that settles too quickly and for much too long.

So I have been tindering for quite a few months when I eventually decided it was too much and sort of stepped back. The moment I stepped backwards when things really start to happen for me, because that’s when I met Chris.

The best part about Chris was that I was with my friend Alea one night and we were both on tinder and she actually found his profile. She showed them to me and said “this is the one for you, he looks like your type!” I thought oh my gosh yeah he’s so hot he will probably never talk to me and if he did he would probably never want to date me seriously. We had matched on bumble but I forgot to message him so we were just ships passing in the night at that point.

Fast forward a few months and I was out to drinks with a few of my girlfriends when I had spotted a very attractive man at the bar.

He was with a girl so I figured it was his girlfriend or date, therefore had no intentions of approaching him in any way. One of my friends, Lexi, who is bravely forward (unlike me) was like oh no they’re just like on a first or second date just slip him your number. I said noooo way! She wrote my number on a napkin and slid it to him v casually. I felt like a monster but who knows, maybe he was out to drinks with his sister or a friend?!

He texted me just about a day later. His name was Chris, he was in fact on a tinder date that night but the gal ended up moving to LA anyways, and typically especially in New York, a tinder date can be SO casual. Dating in New York is so wild and can change in an instant. But just to be clear I would never ever ever want to interfere with anything anyone had going on, casual or not. But my friends had other plans for me LOL.

We went on our first date at a shitty little dive bar and it was perfect. In this case, love truly did just happen when it was the right time and the stars aligned. We keep the napkin with my number on it framed in our bedroom. I still love telling this story! I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I hope you guys enjoy this little love story! xo Love you guys so much.

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  1. Lissa
    4 years ago

    Love this so much! I ship so hard

  2. Ivy
    4 years ago

    awww love this so much. Cutes Story ever!

  3. Flor
    4 years ago

    This was such a very sweet read!

    Flor |
    Flor recently posted…The Influencer Manifesto Part 2My Profile

  4. Obi
    4 years ago

    I loved the story, it gave me so much hope hahaha. I mean, I know I’m young and everything but I’m also a romantic so sometimes I just get very frustated for being single… now I have hope that the right time will come around eventually.

    Love you xo

  5. Melissa
    4 years ago

    I want to hear more about your love story! what happens after the first date? more details please lol 💜

  6. Lauren
    4 years ago

    Such a cute story! The New York dating scene would terrify me. 😀 I followed your blog a long long time ago and then lost sight of it, so glad to see you happy so many years later. Last time I was here, you were married?! Am I imaginig it? 😀 All the best.


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