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Loving playing with colors this season! I even included the color swatches from LookBook because I felt the colors in this look are so great together. Usually I dress fairly neutral sticking with earthy muted tones, but lately I have been feeling lots of colors. I feel that as time goes on I get more and more experimental with looks. I am not afraid to try anything, which is important because you may discover something you never knew you liked just by trying new things.

I am currently freezing my bum off in my apartment because for no apparent reason there has been no heat for the past two days. It’s awful considering I’m scraping together my rent stressfully yet my landlord can’t even make sure the heat is working properly… Anyhow, back to this look. I love these new Senso heels that I recently received. The heel is my favorite part. So different! I love that it’s yellow. It makes me think of a science experiment thing as a kid… like those doctor Dreadful food kits. Does anyone remember those? You could make gummy spiders and brains and I am sure they were pure corn syrup deliciousness.

I always had toys that were meant for boys because they were always so much more fun…




Senso heels

MissKL wrist cuff

Romwe skirt & blouse

Vintage Rayban sunglasses

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