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Instagram roundup.



I’ve been slacking a little bit on sharing my Instagrams here with y’all. There have been some notable ones in the past week.

  1. My breakfast. A bagel and hot chocolate at one of my favorite Brooklyn coffee shops called Konditori.
  2. These new “luna” sunglasses from Wildfox. I got them for my trip to California and ugghhhhh they are just splendid.
  3. Bow tights and velvet shoes. Need I say more?
  4. Shooting a look outside of the Bedford L stop.
  5. Bedside menagerie.
  6. McDonald’s in Times Square. Midnight snack attack!
  7. Nightly ukulele playing.
  8. The most delicious fruit pancakes EVER.
  9. Another bagel breakfast with a book that Warby Parker sent me.




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  1. Celia
    8 years ago

    Has anybody told to you that you look a lot like Zooey Deschannel?


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