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Fall is finally upon us. My favorite season! Good fashion, good colors, crisp air and it’s time for me to make my favorite soup! (butternut squash.) But I think the most important thing out of all of those is the fashion, and Asos is bringing it with some AMAZING trends this year!

I’ve been a fan of Asos for a couple of years now. I am in love with the quality and price of their product. And, it’s one of the MOST up to date websites for fashion trend-wise, in my opinion.

I’d like to dig in to some of these trends with you and share what I enjoy about them.


This season, I see leather as more of an artistic statement rather just a staple piece such as biker jackets. There are so many ways to use leather, and these two pieces are prime examples. The dress to the left has geometric leather panel detail, which is striking and really brings the dress to life. And, not to mention, a blazer is just a blazer until leather sleeves are added! Then, it really becomes a statement piece. Leather makes any outfit much more edgy and interesting! You can shop the ASOS leather trend by clicking here!


One of my favorite fall staples! Chelsea boots! And of course, Asos has plenty to choose from. Transitioning from the leather trend, you can find chelsea boots on Asos in a variety of styles, including this amazing baroque-patterned one that falls into their baroque trend. How awesome are those?! Chelsea boots are a go-to for me because of their smaller chunky heel, making them a boot you can wear for a good amount of your day.


The last trend that I’d like to briefly discuss are key pieces. The color block sweater to the left is certainly a great key piece! Color blocking has really became popular recently, and I feel like it will definitely explode as a trend this fall. Warm fall colors look especially great when color blocked on a sweater like this.

I hope you all enjoyed my intro to fall trends via Asos! Feel free to comment with any questions or ideas. Thanks!



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