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Spent the past maybe three hours scrolling and clicking through tons of folders on my old external hard drive. It’s weird and interestingly pleasing to look at old pictures and videos. I feel like I’ve changed so much, but it’s obvious to me that in some ways I still act like the same young girl.

Same quirkiness. Same goofy smile with one fang tooth. 

Even looking at Luella (my cat) as a kitten was weird. She’s also kept her quirky characteristics. As I looked through pictures of her doing backflips in the air for a mouse, she was actually to the right of me rolling around with a toy banging into walls. She’s the same kitten that I fell in love with at the vet. Same goofy white mustache and crazed yellow eyes.

I actually love it, looking back and remembering real specific times and days. Even if the memories were with people I no longer speak to. I think it’s important to see the things in your past after you’ve moved on from them because you really get a sense of how you felt then, and how you’ve grown to feel the way you do now. Most importantly, understanding why. And I realized why I found certain people to be important to me then, and less important to me now. 

Oh, life. You’re just life. And I love you.



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