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Trying new things.


I can’t resist new make-up items.

I recently bought a few new make-up items including some Mac matte lipsticks, here I mixed Pink Nouveau with my favorite nude Velvet Teddy for a pinkish nude. I also bought a white eye pencil form Duane Reade which you can get at pretty much any pharmacy for under my eyes. It definitely makes my eyes brighter and it makes me appear slightly less sleepy 😉

I’m also wearing some false eyelashes which I have become very fond of, almost like an accessory such as a purse. Which I don’t have a lot of bags actually… perhaps eyelashes are my thing?

Also, I haven’t been going to get my hair done anymore. I’ve been box dying it myself since it’s just black. Actually it’s not just any black… it’s “Starry Night” by L’oreal and I found out about it via Whitney Hays on Instagram. It was her favorite black and I admire her and her make-up/cosmetic decisions so I thought I’d give it a shot! Definitely my favorite. I had a minor panic attack recently when all of my CVS’ stores were out of it for about a week and I thought it was discontinued! I then stocked up online so now I have a cupboard full haha.

End rant. Just wanted to share some of my favorite recent beauty things with you guys!




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  1. Mindy
    8 years ago

    So pretty! Love the lip combo! MAC lipsticks are my absolute fave, someone needs to ban me from that store! You should do more beauty posts! 🙂

    Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

  2. islamari
    8 years ago

    Love! Your lashes look amazing! I’m obsessed with long lashes too!

  3. Saria
    8 years ago

    Haha rant ^_^
    Matte lipstick is My favorite especially the reds (I have big lips so the glossiness just looks too much) and I love false lashes I just can never put them on!!!!

    The Chronic Dreamer


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