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The love of lace.

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I love lace and occasionally I love looking like a porcelain doll. Electric Frenchie thankfully cured my love for lace with this perfect For Love & Lemons dress that they currently carry. It has a quite sexy cut in the front which I was curious about. The first time I wore this dress was to the Socialyte Gala and I can say that I was perfectly comfortable. This dress is definitely best worn bra-less, but not to worry ladies… you can feel just fine because the dress fits so well everywhere that it’s secure. I worry about these things since y’all know I don’t go dressin’ too “sexual” now…

But really. This dress is just beautiful. It has a black underneath layer and the collar is simply beautiful. The sleeves are so dainty and I really feel like a french antique in this dress. With my dark hair I definitely feel perfect in lighter dresses like this.

YES I know I resemble Zooey Deschanel. Dark hair + bangs + blue eyes yadda yadda. Thanks but I really would just like to feel like I look myself. I do take it as a compliment and it doesn’t annoy me… bigger things in life annoy me.

Oh well. Everyone honestly can look like someone else I suppose. Humans are bound to have similar characteristics to someone who is an actress etc.

I love this dress. And these spectacular specs (from BonLook!). Enter your email on this page to win a pair of BonLook glasses:

And I love you all.




Dress: c/o Electric Frenchie Glasses: c/o BonLook Shoes: Deandri c/o MissKL


Photographs taken by Noelle Downing

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  1. Natália Milena
    10 years ago

    Oh, amazing Rachel!
    This dress is so lovely.. gorgeous 🙂


  2. Carmen Henry
    10 years ago

    I love your glasses 🙂

  3. Chonie
    10 years ago

    You do great looking just like you <3 Love the dress on you!

  4. Simone
    10 years ago

    Love you too. I’m sorry I said you look like Zooey Deschanel. You mostly look like Rachel, with your Rachel-like doll face with the Rachel like lips and nose and mouth and eyes… 🙂 and your amazingly Rachel-like Rachel-style.

  5. modalowcostforherandhim
    10 years ago

    u so beautiful 🙂
    love style, love blog, love you blogger

    super super fashion***

  6. Calli Sue Dastrup
    10 years ago

    You are lovely. The dress is a wonderful way to look “pretty” on the days you need it. Loooooove the glasses! Great fall accessory

  7. Cara Clara
    10 years ago

    I get told I look lik zooey also and I tell people the same.. I’d rather look like me. You look lik you. Pretty you.

  8. seekingstyle935
    10 years ago

    I love that those shoes are totally adult saddle shoes!

    xo Jennifer


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