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My heart set to fire when H&M came out with this perfect military inspired coat for their autumn collection. It’s literally PERFECT. I honestly want to wear this look every day.

So how do we gals get dapper? It’s simple:


Et voila!

I haven’t worn my top hat in so long! Poor thing was covered in dust. I’ll definitely bring him out more this fall. New York is one of the few places I think people can get away with wearing a top hat every day. I started wearing mine in Chicago and surprisingly it didn’t cause a scene. I say wear whatever you want, wherever you want!

I’m going to go be a totally ridiculous consumer now and stand in line at the Apple store before they open so I can get my hands on an iPhone 5S. 2 year upgrade, wooh!





Military jacket: c/o H&M Boots: JC c/o MissKL Top hat: Shorts: old Shirt: old


Photography by Langston Hues

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  1. Maja
    10 years ago

    wow, I really love this outfit!

  2. Antoinet - everydayCHIC
    10 years ago

    I love your look! Absolutely gorgeous 🙂


  3. MarieBayArea
    10 years ago

    The bow and top hat!

  4. Epp
    10 years ago

    How adorable this idea is! so cute, love top hats (though I think I wouldn’t get away with it that easily :D)


  5. MsNotWeirdAtAll
    10 years ago

    Wow, this look just threw me out of my chair! I can’t say it’s something, I would wear, but it reminds me off a fairytale character. I think it’s because of the bow, which I absolutely adore! 🙂

  6. Annie
    10 years ago

    Ahhh that jackets is a work of art! So perfect. Question: I have always seen you in beautiful (yet very tall) heels, do you actually spend the day walking around in them or do you change into something more comfortable after the photo shoot?

  7. Ashley
    10 years ago

    I pinned one of these shots. Hope you don’t mind. This outfit is amazing.

    xo Ashley

  8. milex
    10 years ago

    Really well done!


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