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Straight chillin’ in summer picks from Alloy.

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Overalls have made a strong comeback since they dissipated after the 90’s. I am thankful for this, because shortalls are perfect for summer. Comfortable, not hot… and of course they’re denim and denim is always a first choice in my mind.

This entire look is from Alloy Apparel, a shop I really love that has provided a large variety of great pieces like what you see here. Definitely have a look at their site!



In this look… aviator sunglasses, denim shortalls, sandals, mini cross-body bag and blouse c/o Alloy Apparel.

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  1. Celia
    7 years ago

    Amazing outfit, love how you combine this pretty overall with a classic t-shirt, beautiful hun!

  2. Kaye Alid
    7 years ago

    Love your outfit so much!!! :))) nice shoessss!!!!

  3. Mariah
    7 years ago

    Ugh! This just makes me want to go thrifting for a good pair of overalls. All the bloggers make them so super cute! I’m dying over here! I love the casual flow of your outfit. It’s so perfect.

  4. Diane
    7 years ago

    I’m so in love with your white blouse that you have!!



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