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The Cave Singers

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I recently had the privilege to photograph one of my favorite bands when they played in Brooklyn. The Cave Singers! They are magical and full of energy. Their songs have powerful story-like lyrics that I feel I can continually relate to. To me, those kinds of songs are the best. They released a new album this month called “Naomi”. It is beautiful and many of the songs are quite cheerful and perfect for listening to when you first wake up and the sun is shining through your windows. I highly recommend giving them a listen!

These guys are fantastic.



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  1. carol
    10 years ago

    hope you had a fun ! 🙂

  2. adam galla
    10 years ago

    love the last pic. good yob

  3. Halifax Music
    3 years ago

    Very nice music concert photos. When is your next show?


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