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Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation.

Here’s a video tutorial of an every day make-up look I love featuring the Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation and other Shu Uemura make-up products.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test out this foundation. I have to say I have completely stopped using my previous products and have found myself in an entirely new routine with these! I love this foundation. Even Noelle can’t stop commenting on how much she loves my face (for more reasons that just the amazing foundation of course) ๐Ÿ˜‰ and she is going to start using this foundation in her routine too.

I find that this foundation goes on very smooth and evenly. Being super pale it is hard for me to find the right hue for my face and I generally end up with a foundation that is slightly too dark or yellowy. This foundation is the one! I’m so happy I found it.

It’s also very moisturizing which is so helpful especially in the winter. It isn’t oily but it definitely does not dry out my skin, it’s a great balance. It also leaves my face very glowy and soft. Honestly can’t rave about this foundation enough!

I’m offering a special discount code for you all which allows 15% off your order on Shu Uemura’s US and Canada website along with free shipping! It’s a great time to try out this foundation. The code is LIGHTJAG.

There’s a special foundation finder tool for everyone here that can help you find the perfect shade. To find your shade click here. To shop the foundation go here.

A recent example of my face with the Shu Uemura


Before & after using the Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation & other make up products.

It took a lot to post this photo of my naked face, but it’s so cool seeing the results! Isn’t it crazy?!

I’d love to hear about your favorite products in the comments.



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  1. Tiffany Ima
    10 years ago

    I’m obsessed with those glasses, though! That make up looks amazing!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  2. amanda
    10 years ago

    It does take alot to do that honstly, u dont have a.ot to worry about. Its good to see that a certain brand really works,think I ight jsu try it bc i am really pale too, but blond, lol.

  3. Nyssa D
    10 years ago

    what other products did you use, and where are your brushes from?

  4. Liz
    10 years ago

    That’s awesome! Being a pale gal, I find it hard to find a good foundation… putting Shu Uemura at the top of my “to try” list.

    xo, Liz

  5. Rona
    10 years ago

    Amazing hair ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dress To Cook

  6. Nicole
    10 years ago

    Wow that product is amazing!! It takes so much guts to post your bare face and kudos to you for that! ๐Ÿ™‚ still pretty though <3



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  7. N
    10 years ago

    Still so stunning even without make-up <3


  8. Links I Loved this January | CasualConcern
    10 years ago

    […] Shu Uemura Lighbulb Foundation Tutorial – This before and after blew me away. After checking this out, Shu Uemura’s foundation went straight to the top of my “must try this makeup” list. And my wallet thought it might be getting a break in 2014… pfft. […]


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