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I styled my Coach watch in another look for my Mother’s Day collaboration with Chictopia! This time I went for a more casual look with a flowy blouse, one that actually reminds me of my mom. My mom had some really sweet things to say and a little story for you guys, so I decided to have her write it down for this post.

My daughter Rachel Marie- You have been my light, my joy, my angel since the day I found out I was pregnant with you. You are such a blessing in my life; you are my world. You’re smart, independent, honest, funny, intelligent, patient and most of all; your heart is made of gold. There are so many fond memories; some funny, some heartwarming, and even a few sad ones. But let’s go with heartfelt and humorous. First is heartfelt… Every summer, we as a big family go up to our cabin, 4 hours north. Each year is better than the last it seems. Rachel has been going annually since the day she was born. We haven’t missed one Independence Day yet. Since my parents bought the house 45 years ago, I’ve never missed a fourth of July up north either. There have been many, many, absolutely unforgettable memories there with Rachel. Everything from catching pollywogs, introducing Rachel to waterskiing, sitting at the bonfire every night rain or shine, jet skiing, and long, long heartfelt talks. I wouldn’t trade my memories and my life with Rachel for anything or anyone in the world. I’m so blessed she is my baby girl and always will be. No matter how far she roams, she is always and forever by my side.

This next one is one of a million funny stories I have of Rachel. When she was a toddler and my mom and I would take her to the mall, she would start crying if we didn’t go in the Hudson’s (now Macy’s) door! She associated the Hudson’s entrance as the mall entrance so she would be so upset if we entered the mall a different way. Rachel has filled my life with so many laughs, I can hardly keep track.

This summer we’re heading up north as usual, and I can’t wait to spend time with my girl!

This Coach watch has been a wonderful piece that my mom and I can both enjoy. I love its versatility (it goes with everything!), and the classic rose gold color. To all those celebrating, I hope you have a great Mother’s day!




In this look… watch c/o Coach, vintage blouse, Forever 21 hat and Wolverine boots.

Photographs by Noelle

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  1. Muddyjeepdog
    5 years ago

    Very sweet!

  2. Helen Veyna
    5 years ago

    This post was so beautiful! You have a gorgeous mom who has obviously passed down so many great qualities to you, including your amazing style. I love the loose blouse that you’re wearing in this outfit, and those shorts are so cute!


  3. Gabriela
    5 years ago

    You look amazing! 🙂

  4. Carolina
    5 years ago

    I love your shorts!

  5. liloob
    5 years ago


  6. Olivia Fleming
    5 years ago

    How wonderful to have your mom’s poetry! What a beautiful relationship you two have. My mom and I are incredibly close, and I hope I can keep lovely things she writes about me too!
    Such a darling look and darling post

  7. laurenmaria84
    5 years ago

    Love this outfit, the blouse is so pretty. I really want a rose gold watch this coach one is a nice change to the Michael Kors


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