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Kitchen Renovation

I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to share the kitchen makeover with you guys! This space was only just completed, but we’ve only been living in our rental apartment for a little bit over one month. We knocked it out QUICK so we could keep our kitchen supplies boxed up until the cabinets were painted and ready to be filled.

The hardest and longest part was definitely painting the cabinets. It wasn’t that hard, mostly tedious and time consuming. It took Chris about 2 whole days to get 90% of them done, and then we decided last minute to add an additional coat of paint with this glossy top coat for cabinets that had a gloss to it. Initially we used this chalk paint and it was way too matte and showed every fingerprint. I helped at the beginning but we were limited with space so Chris took it upon himself to finish them, which I am so grateful for!

I did most of the countertops which consisted of a marble-like counter top paint. I think it came out pretty well! The only issue we had was we overdid it with the glossy top coat and it came out with a yellowish hue, but it doesn’t bother us that much. It was definitely a learning experience! We used this Giani counter top paint kit in white diamond. I recommend it! Just definitely be sure to watch the videos tutorials.

When the cabinets were finished we installed brass knobs (everything is linked at the bottom!) which I absolutely loved. The shelves were the final touch, they are Ikea EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM. The wall clock is also from Ikea and I painted the outer rim brass, spray paint is linked below.

We’re really thrilled with how this came out! Please let me know if you liked this post and have any questions in the comments! Also a lot of you had already asked if we rent or own, and we currently rent this apt. Typically NY landlords will allow you to do things like paint if they feel that it will update the space, plus it came out of our own pockets 😉


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  1. Kaye Alid
    2 years ago

    Absolutely love the outcome!!! 😻😻😻😻

  2. jules
    2 years ago

    great job!!! Looks like all the hard work paid off. I love how open and bright it feels with the new paint and finishes!
    Have you thought about maybe adding a kitchen island? I love the Ikea Stenstorp island and the Rimforsa one too but my apartment is waaaaay too small for either one (unfortunately) but it looks like you have enough room and who doesn’t want a little extra counter space amiright? ;P

  3. sara nena
    2 years ago

    woooow, it looks like another place
    sara nena recently posted…Walk, pic nic and dances at the riverMy Profile

  4. Clover
    2 years ago

    The kitchen is the place where I spend most of my free time. So, renovating the kitchen can be very expensive and hard for your salary. But, with blogs like this, that would not be a problem. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us. Do you spend the most time there too?

  5. Gloria Diaz
    2 years ago

    WOW! lovely like this post. What a great review. it’s really amazing.

  6. Melissa Caron
    1 year ago

    This renovation is incredible! I love that you guys did it on a budget too! It makes it seem so much more doable in the future.

  7. ArchantNz
    4 months ago

    The kitchen is the heart of the house because this location the whole family gathered to enjoy the meals. The result of the redesign was fantastic and very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mira Edorra
    3 months ago

    I am wanting to get my kitchen redone while the house is being renovated and had no idea what I should know before I hire a contractor. You mentioned how it is important to have some ideas in mind for cabinetry and everything else so that you can have something to present to the contractor. That is a good point I had not thought of including in interviews. Thank you for the ideas on cabinets.😍😊😍
    Mira Edorra recently posted…How does a Trundle Bed work? – A Quick GuideMy Profile

  9. Happy Hiller
    3 months ago

    It’s so bright! I love it!

  10. Portella
    3 months ago

    How do I prepare my house for remodeling?


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