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Nine Years Young

My blog is 9 years old today!


9 years ago today I said hello to the world via tumblr and little did I know that after that, my life would never be the same.

I was in my bedroom of my own cute little apartment north of Detroit when I sat down on my black old school MacBook and made Jag Lever on tumblr and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was listening to Lykke Li, hence the Swedish influence. It was a gorgeous June day and all of my windows were open. I felt so inspired at this time in my life to create and share as much as I possibly could. Sharing on the internet has always been my escape, it was all I really knew and felt that I was good at to be honest. It is where I went to feel needed and appreciated. I just loved the idea of using Jag Lever as my blog name because it means “I live” or “I am alive” in Swedish, and I wanted my blog to incorporate everything in my life.

I was never the cool kid in school. The boys I crushed on wanted the popular girls and said I’d never stand a chance. I was art school president. I was quiet and shy. But you guys made me the cool kid. I’m here because of YOU!

From sharing ups and downs, my visa process, my ex boyfriends, family, friends, travel, homes and current loves… you guys were here through it all. And I can’t thank you enough for that! I get to live the life I always dreamt of because you guys care to hang out in my little part of the internet. I love you guys so much! Here’s to another NINE and however many more! <3

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Jag Lever

I love blogging, fashion, cooking, my cats and coffee.

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  1. Ailin
    4 years ago

    Your blog inspires and its name it’s perfect. I can see a lot of life here, a lot of inspiration and heart. I just met you through internet but i think you’re a wonderful person. I’m a loyal instagram follower, I’m always trying to follow your style so thank you so much for sharing your art. Sorry if there are some mistakes, I’m a spanish speaker. Greetings from argentina! Keep sharing please.


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