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How I paired my BluePrint juice with an outfit.
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Today I styled an outfit around one of my latest addictions: BluePrint juices. I’ve tried a few of the flavors and I’m hooked! My favorite one so far has to be the one with apple and cayenne… it’s like a spicy cider. Perfect for fall.

I wore a new Dear Creatures dress that I got at a sample sale in San Francisco. My outfit was inspired by this juice! I definitely recommend trying the BluePrint juices or even the cleanse (which I am going to try in the next week or so, I will let you guys know what I think!). They definitely helped me get through fashion week.

BluePrint constantly keeps my creative juices flowing, I was sipping on this one as Noelle and I photographed this post! It keeps me feeling rejuvenated.




Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BluePrintCleanse. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. jayheey
    9 years ago

    Your hair are really amazing, I love it ! What’s your secret?

    Jay 🙂

  2. Enn Franco
    9 years ago

    That’s a great combination! Very original! That’s the visual confirmation that food and fashion should be combined haha

  3. Ary
    9 years ago

    Beautiful dress and eyes.

  4. Izzy
    9 years ago

    Super cute, I love the colour coordination here <3

  5. Sky Fought
    9 years ago

    The colors are so great! I love that dress.

  6. Kailey
    9 years ago

    I loveee that Dear Creatures dress and you look GORGEOUS <3

  7. Kevin Christian
    9 years ago

    You look gorgeous! That dress looks amazing on you!


  8. Jessie
    9 years ago

    Your hair are so amazing ! ♥

    Jessie from

  9. Vanessa
    9 years ago

    Such a cute dress 🙂 It suits you so much.
    And I really love your like that! Looks fantastic 🙂

    xx Vanessa

  10. Diane
    9 years ago

    Your dress is so cute! I love the little bow in the front!

    Diane ||

  11. lisa
    3 years ago

    Lemons are known for its health benefits. These juicing techniques are good because during extraction, you’ll be able to get all of the juices in each pulp, and have your daily vitamin C serving right juicer for celery


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