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It’s kind of weird dressing when its kind of warm, kind of hot and then suddenly freezing some days going from fall to winter. I’ve experienced this a lot living in Michigan and Chicago and I can say it’s somewhat nicer being in the east coast. However I have learned tricks to dressing how I enjoy dressing (being trendy yet comfortable and not freezing/sweating) and that is this… use warm accessories if it is slightly cold outside! I found this perfect faux fur bolero at Crossroads. It goes nicely over any dress as a shawl/cover kind of deal and keeps you warm. Taller boots over tights is also a great way to block the wind. Hats… well that’s an obvious way to keep your head and ears warm!

This look is one of three that I styled from thrifted items for Crossroad’s look book. It is so easy to shop thrift. I’ve always thrifted clothing and I’ll never stop! It’s the best way to find treasures and spend little money. I want people to know that you can style entire outfits from a thrift store and it can look amazing. When I started my blog some of you remember that I only had enough money to shop at stores like Value World and Salvation Army (and well I ain’t rich still so I still shop those stores!) and it’s the best. The feeling of finding that one perfect item at a STEAL price is a great feeling of accomplishment.

What are some of your favorite thrift finds? I’d love to hear your stories! Leave them in the comments.

Happy Sunday!





Thrifted items from Crossroads Trading Company


Photographs taken by Noelle Downing

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  1. Lexi Lawrence
    10 years ago

    Love that dress! It’s so sweet. I’m a big fan of thrift shopping but the ones in England are no way near as good as in the US. My most recent find is a pink and white button up top!

  2. seekingstyle935
    10 years ago

    Simply beautiful cape!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Hayley
    10 years ago

    love the colour of that dress!

    Hayley xx


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