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Burning gold.

It’s always a pleasure visiting one of my favorite little spots…

IMG_2796 IMG_2846 IMG_2762 IMG_2829 IMG_2786 IMG_2779 IMG_2803 IMG_2750 IMG_2709
I love going to Michigan because I have so many little secret oasis’. The time spent traveling always goes way too fast, especially when I want to capture and document everything in photographs. I’m already planning my next trip to the mitten state.

My friend Mike and I had so much fun shooting while I was home. I wore a new crop top from Artisan De Luxe. It’s lace so it’s perfect for a hot day!

I’m so hungry so I’m gonna mosey on out to grab a bagel.



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In this look… Artisan De Luxe, H&M leather shorts, Acne boots and vintage hat.

Photography by Mike Wider

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  1. Enn Franco
    8 years ago

    The shorts and jeans jacket are super cool!

  2. Summer Read
    8 years ago

    Looks lovely there! Such pretty photographs 🙂 x

  3. Celia
    8 years ago

    Your skin is amazing

  4. laurenmaria84
    8 years ago

    Those boots are fab, look great with the shirts

  5. Olivia Fleming
    8 years ago

    Almost too perfect <3 I really love the artistry of the photos as well as the amazing style of the beautiful model!
    xoxo Many compliments xoxo

  6. maze
    8 years ago

    wow, you look so stunnin’ ♥
    and the locations are beautiful!!
    much love,
    maze from

  7. Kaye Alid
    8 years ago

    Omg! I love your blog so much and your pictures! I love you now :3 love your style! So uniquely different!

  8. Phillip Van Nostrand
    8 years ago

    Yes! What a great series 🙂

  9. Maikie
    8 years ago

    Omg I need this shorts ! :oo

  10. Flagey “Capharnaum” Mélanie
    8 years ago

    Je suis tombée sur tes looks sur lookbook et ça m’a mené à ton blog. Je le trouve super, et j’aime vraiment beaucoup ton style ! Je vais le suivre de très près, alors à bientôt ! 🙂


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