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A study in Central Park.

Dr. John Watson: Can we please not do this this time?
Sherlock Holmes: Do what?
Dr. John Watson: You being all mysterious with your – cheekbones. And turning your coat collar up so you look cool
Sherlock Holmes: I don’t do that.
Dr. John Watson: Yeah you do.

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Sherlock: It’s got flaps. Ear flaps. It’s an ear hat, John!

If you haven’t guessed by now I am totally obsessed with BBC’s Sherlock series. I’ve finally caught up on all of the episodes and that show is just plain brilliant. I’m not one to watch a lot of TV and keep up with series, but with Sherlock I can’t resist.

I love the show so much that I felt so inspired to create a look based on Sherlock. Obviously I had to find the most legitimate looking deerstalker I could find for a reasonable price, I found this one on eBay for $20 and it came straight from England. Score! I thrifted the black peacoat from Crossroads, Asos gloves thrifted from Crossroads, boots from Crossroads and this dress is an old thrift find. So this look besides the hat is completely thrifted!

I actually love this look and I felt so cool and mysterious riding the subway. I definitely have to wear this look again and again. It sends me right into my mind palace! (see the last image.)





In this look…

Everything except the hat thrifted from Crossroads Trading.

Photographs taken by Phillip Van Nostrand

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  1. D&H empire
    8 years ago

    Oh gosh!!! These photos are breathtaking!!!

  2. evilrona
    8 years ago

    Lovely photoshoot as always 🙂

    Dress To Cook

  3. Taylor Herron
    8 years ago

    best series yet !

  4. Lexi Lawrence
    8 years ago

    Amazing! Sherlock is the best xo

  5. Lindsay (Whimsy)
    8 years ago

    I love this! You are gorgeous and Sherlock is amazing<3

  6. Laurel
    8 years ago

    Well it must have been easy to catch up given the limited number of episodes. Absolutely in love with your outfit, especially the boots.

  7. Jamie Rose
    8 years ago

    I love when an outfit ends up mostly thrifted. It just feels like such an accomplishment! I love how this outfit turned out and how you’re rocking that Sherlock hat. I love that series too. I really need to see the new season asap!
    Also the portraits of you in this post are gorgeous! Your eyes really stand out!

  8. Erin Foster (@duemidwest)
    8 years ago

    This post makes me so happy. I am in love with Sherlock too! Such a great show.

  9. narfetorio
    8 years ago


  10. Ellie
    8 years ago

    These pictures are seriously amazing. I loved reading Sherlock Holmes books and have watched a bit of the new show. Your outfit and the scenery are just perfect.

  11. Kacie
    8 years ago

    Wow these pictures are so stunning!!

  12. carol
    8 years ago

    dope, romantic, stylish – so you hun ♥

  13. Phillip Van Nostrand
    8 years ago

    Love these! looks great, dear 🙂

  14. Snapshot Fashion
    8 years ago


  15. Howard Ostrom
    3 years ago

    Great blue eyes Sherlock, one lovely shoot. I must enter you in my next revision of “The A-Z List of Sherlock Holmes Performers”.


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