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A slew of letters part one.

I used to do this on a private journal and I think it always turns out so interesting. It is a compilation of little snippets from chats/messages/e-mails I have received over time put together in no particular order.

“I hope to fly back tomorrow so we can hang Wednesday. When you are back in Chicago in the near future? I would like to take you for some coffee or maybe some drinks. I told you I’ll make you my girlfriend eventually. So I have seen you work, know of you, never talked to you and I just found out your from Detroit?!? You have my number. We have FaceTime. Bedside menagerie. Free macaroons? why didn’t you say! That was a hot sweat day. Broken pinkies, and nuggets. Do you have scurvy? Miss you! hope all is well with you. Thank you for your inquiry with regards to meeting up during your Chicago sojourn. I am not a stalker ore something like that. I dont think this poking spree will ever end! What is Woody Guthrie saying that is so wise? If I’m being a complete douche forgetting such an alluring style and vibrance, let’s allow us to blame it on first the mead then the scotch and finally the porter all in short order. It really is some of my best memories, which is so strange to think about.




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