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Knowing that I am leaving the four-walled space that I have nested in over the past year on February first stirs lots of emotion. At first when the call to not renew the lease was made I cried. At that moment I couldn’t figure out why I was upset. I now know it’s because I have moved nearly every year for the past eight years and I have lived in around 11 places. Some years I have moved more than once.

I am exhausted from wrapping the same knick-knacks and hauling them off to somewhere else, to unpack them for months just to put them all back in a box.

On the other hand, a new apartment is always dreamy. It’s fresh, exciting… a new start. Most importantly I must find a place with more space for my clothing. I have had so many frustrated moments trying to find one thing for a look and end up tearing through four laundry baskets full of wrinkled clothing to be left frustrated, full of loss and with a mess to clean.

Today my management company painted my door black as well as most of the hallway without warning. Of course I opened my door to leave grabbing it with my arm covering my favorite coat in black paint. Between that and two other events regarding my apartment that happened within the past 24 hours, I again broke down and cried.

But this time, deep down, I think these are tears of joy.

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  1. Jessica Luxe
    10 years ago

    It’s hard to move so many times.. but hopefully each time you’re closer to finding the perfect place with better apartment mangement and when it happens, it’ll have been worth going through all the trouble.
    Sorry about your coat though.. they should pay for that.

    1. Jag Lever
      10 years ago

      Yeah I think that each time I move haha. When I thought I found the perfect apartment to settle down in Chicago, I moved to New York. Oh well ๐Ÿ˜› Yeah, they should pay for dry cleaning for my coat but they didn’t offer anything because they’re pretty heartless. ๐Ÿ™

      1. Jessica Luxe
        10 years ago

        I love moving but I hate it.. there’s always one thing that isn’t quite right. :\
        And your landlords are dicks! Did they really straight up said no? Email them with evidence and be like, “I’m a blogger, you don’t know how crippling this is!” and be super dramatic about it.. you’re leaving anyway so it’s not like you have anything to lose!


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