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Tattoos part two.


My latest two tattoos plus a little insight of my tattoo experiences and advice.










When I was in high school all I could think about was how cool a big tattoo of a film camera would be since I had such a big interest in photography. Sometimes I also considered band tattoos, but luckily for me I knew that was probably a passing phase. It’s hard when you’re young and determined to keep yourself from doing something very permanent like a tattoo.

I decided and convinced myself because after all, it is a needle going in and out of your skin tons and tons of times injecting ink, that I would wait until I was older to get my first tattoo. I would say I am very glad I waited. I was 25 when I got my first two little ones (arrow and three lines) on my wrists.

Wrist tattoo pain level: low. I’d say 4/10. Mostly something you just feel that isn’t normal.

When you get your first tattoo many people would agree with me that you will want more. It’s such a fun thing to experience and still very bizarre to me that this thing will be on my body forever. My arms and other spots will never be bare again. I’m okay with that.

I then got my little tree on the back of my right leg when I was at home in Michigan. All of my tattoos are so small and quick that honestly it’s hard to even process any pain factor.

Back of leg tattoo pain level: low-ish. I’d say 5/10 for the tree, the tattooer seemed to use a heaver needle for this one. But still very very mild pain.

A couple of days ago the artist that did my first two little tattoos announced he was guest tattooing in Brooklyn. Noelle & I had to make an appointment because we like his work a bunch. (If you’d like to find him he’s @seanfromtexas on Instagram.) He’s based in Hollywood.

I then got my biggest tattoo yet which is a steer skull on the back of my right arm. This guy hurt slightly more than the others because there was a bit more filling in. Still totally tolerable. Nothing crazy.

Back of arm tattoo pain level: medium. I’d say 7/10 for certain areas like the filled in parts. Worth it though!

And last but not least, I got a little adorable mountain to match my tree on the opposite leg. Same feeling as the other leg of course, maybe even a little less pain because I think Sean uses a smaller needle and isn’t as heavy handed.

I love all of my tattoos. The advice I’d give for those considering one is to wait, try to wait until your mid twenties if you can. Start small and see if you like it one year or two years later. My arrow and little lines were a perfect beginning to see if I’d feel differently about having something permanent on my body but I ended up absolutely loving them. They’re such a cute little accessory if you will… it’s fun to wear bracelets with them etc.

So there’s my advice! If you have any cool tattoo stories please share in the comments. I love to hear what people get and why, etc!

Love you guys.



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  1. Abby
    6 years ago

    I got my first and only (for now) tattoo when I was 19. And amazingly I still love it! But as far as band tattoos go when I was 16, I was convinced my first tattoo would be the Kill Hannah cross hairs symbol. So glad I decided not to. I’ve been wanting a half sleeve floral motif for about five years, so that is definitely on my list. I love your tattoos by the way! I love how small tattoos look with jewelry.

  2. Ana Soares
    6 years ago

    Love the tattos omg! I have one :3

    Ana ♥

  3. marijanamancev
    6 years ago

    Love that one on your hand the most, so original!

  4. Diane Hoang
    6 years ago

    These tattoos are so cute! So simple, but tells a story from what you wrote. Love them <3

    xx, Diane ||

  5. DI
    6 years ago

    Your tattoos are simple but very lovely. Love it.

  6. laurenmaria84
    6 years ago

    Completely agree, wait till over 20 and start small. My first was on my hip, easily hide able if I started to hate it. Also totally made me want more
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  7. manon
    6 years ago

    I really like your tattoos ! Simple and discreet…

  8. Jodi
    6 years ago

    You’re from Michigan? I had no idea. Where in Michigan are you from? I’ve from Oakland County.

  9. Katie
    6 years ago

    I love your tattoos! I got my first one when I was 16, matching ones with my mom on our feet. But then I waited for my next two until I was 18 and 19. I agree with waiting. I’ve seen too many kids in high school who go all out with sleeves in just a year, then they’re upset that they don’t like it anymore or wanted to put something else in the same spot. I like starting out small. Your tattoos are very simplistic (please don’t take that in a bad way, I really love them and you!) and match your style very well. I love your blog and IG feed!
    Katie recently posted…‘Heavy Boots’My Profile

  10. Scott
    5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the story! Normally people get the same old tattoos everyday, picking them from a catalogue without knowing anything about meaning. What do you think about custom made tattoos? Thanks


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