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Styling Thigh-high Socks

Thigh-highs are one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit.

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I’ve always been a fan of thigh-high socks and over the past couple of years there has been so many more fun patterns and colors to choose from aside from your basic black. While I love the classic schoolgirl look of black thigh-highs, I can’t resist a cute pair like these panda ones from Chrissy’s Socks.

I’m also a huge fan of the striped tube socks from Chrissy’s as well. They have so many options I could seriously browse that site all day! I definitely recommend their socks if you’re looking for some good ones, I have quite a few pairs now and absolutely love them. I’ve used them in a bunch of my at home Instagrams as well.

When one is looking to style a pair of eccentric socks like these, my tips would be to start colorblocking your outfit. First I decided I would wear a red skirt to add color to the look, I didn’t want it to be an all black outfit. I personally wouldn’t want to wear more color than this since the socks are the main focus of the look. That’s generally my thought process when styling something fun!

I hope you’re all doing great and having an amazing start to your week!

In this look… Chrissy’s panda socks, old skort, H&M crop top and Coach backpack.

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  1. Barbara
    6 years ago

    I lovee so much your style! You’re inspiration! Xx
    Barbara recently posted…A working class hero is something to beMy Profile

  2. Paulina Piotrowska
    6 years ago

    You look great, I love your red skirt. All post pretty cool.
    Paulina Piotrowska recently posted…Feelin goodMy Profile

  3. towe
    6 years ago

    OMG your panda socks is amazing!!! SO CUTE! <3

  4. sara
    6 years ago

    pandaaaaa, I saw it on instagram…so super cute
    sara recently posted…Venetian Port HeraklionMy Profile

  5. Olivia Fleming
    6 years ago

    Omg you’re so cute! I adore this stunning grunge look! Such a stunning black, white, and red look~
    Olivia Fleming recently posted…Beneath The SurfaceMy Profile

  6. Snapshot Fashion
    6 years ago

    SO CUTE!!!
    Snapshot Fashion recently posted…Get The Look: Gigi HadidMy Profile

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  8. Lauren
    6 years ago

    I absolutely love these socks! So cute, totally rocking them with that red skirt
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin
    Lauren recently posted…Saddle Me UpMy Profile

  9. averie messenger
    6 years ago

    OMG! You honestly have the best shoes! What is your Number one store to buy from?

  10. Ariana
    6 years ago

    I love wearing thigh high socks and I use them every where and every time even in sleeping.but now with this socks I am going to wear and suggest them to the others who are the fans of thigh high socks too.

  11. ash green
    3 years ago

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