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Our backyard.


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This post speaks to my inner 90’s child. I photographed it in my family’s backyard in spots I used to have my “club meetings” and secret hangouts. Not to mention this sunflower dress is also something so similar to a sunflower tee (and probably many other sunflower-covered pieces) that I wore as a kid.

I love that I can go home for a few days and eat Sunday pancakes at my grandmas, sit down with my Dad and Oma laughing about nothing and putting out her garden gnomes for the summer and drive around with friends. All things I love so much and I am lucky enough to get to do that twice this summer since I’m going back in July.

Living far from home definitely makes me appreciate it in an entirely new way.



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In this look… daisy dress from Crossroads (last summer), thrifted hat and Frye boots.

Photographs taken by Mike Wider

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  1. quelinestewart
    9 years ago

    these pics have a great chunk of whimsy in them, and yes, sunflower print makes me remember my childhood too! 😀 x

  2. Natty
    9 years ago

    Beautiful photos! I love your hair 🙂 they looks so good!

  3. Maikie (click)
    9 years ago

    Cute dress :3
    And great photo-ideas ! :))

  4. Sarah Audu
    9 years ago

    Love the shots, the dress is so cute. Its nice that you still have a childhood home and you can go back and reminisce. Due to my dads work we moved around a lot so I dont really have that.

  5. Enn Franco
    9 years ago

    This dress is so sunny! <3

  6. Celia
    9 years ago

    A lovely pictures hun!

  7. Diane
    9 years ago

    Lovely dress! I love how all your pictures look so natural!


  8. Holly Rose
    9 years ago

    Such a pretty dress! Lovely pictures 🙂 x

  9. laurenmaria84
    9 years ago

    How cute is that photo with flowers on your arm, the dress is cute too

  10. Kaye Alid
    9 years ago

    Love the dress!!!! 🙂 Love this blog post!! :)))

  11. Beth Norton
    9 years ago

    These photos are so beautiful! I love your style, it’s playful yet so sophisticated.

    Beth xo.


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