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Perfect boots, I have found you.









Upon the chilly winter winds arriving in New York I have of course had my eyes peeled (even more so than the previous months… we all know I’m boot-obsessed.) for more boots to add to my collection.

I’m definitely a boots girl. Yes, I’ve recently learned to appreciate flats but 9/10 you’ll see me in boots. They’re comfortable, they can be flat or with a heel and it doesn’t matter, they’re still great for walking all sorts of terrain!

Which brings me to these beautiful Frye company boots. I was initially attracted to them because of their unique color. It is described as red but I would say its almost a burnt orangey-red which makes them unique and perfect for fall. I also love that the laces are colored. One can find black and brown boots all day long and eventually they all blend together… but these ones are so unique and definitely stand out!

I love that they also have a heel. Frye has always stood out to me with their American classics and obviously the amazing quality and craftsmanship of these boots, you’ll wear and have them forever.

Definite staples in my boot collection!

Lastly.. those of you lucky babes in DC or Boston… there will be Frye events coming up and I will be sure to post the flyers here for you!



In this look… Sabrina Lace-up Boots & Tracy Backpack c/o Frye, thrifted Pendleton Men’s jacket, hat from Urban Outfitters

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  1. Enn Franco
    8 years ago

    This plaid jacket and boots are so stunning! Really need to get this kind of jacket for me)

  2. Olivia Fleming
    8 years ago

    I’m in love with this forrest tint! The rusts and rich auburns are simply glorious in contrast with the pure white highlights
    Of course a perfect cape

  3. yvone
    8 years ago

    J’adore !

  4. Sara
    8 years ago

    Those boots and backpack go so perfectly together! I am 100% a boots girl as well and will wear them year round – even in the summer!

    xoxo Sara

  5. sara
    8 years ago

    That’s why I love you….I adore NATURE, CHECKERED ITEMS AND BOOTS. Go girl

  6. Maikie (click)
    8 years ago

    Wow, amzing.

    I love that bautiful outfit *-*

  7. justine
    8 years ago

    Your boots are really fine but I always prefer tights to bare legs. They just add something ‘feminine’ to the outfit. I hope your next look’ll be with tights as well as with boots.

  8. Izzy McLeod
    8 years ago

    Stunning look, I love the jacket so much and those boots are just the right colour <3


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