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Live in Feria: Q&A With Zoe of ASTR

Live in Feria: Q &A With Zoe of ASTR

I teamed up with LOreal Paris Feria to share three really cool artists who went through bold hair color changes. Each artist starred in their own video on YouTube, where they talked about how their Feria shade inspired them. As some of you may know I have been a fan of Feria and over the past year my black locks have been the shade 21 “Starry Night”.
The first musician I interviewed is Zoe, front woman of the band ASTR. She’s a really cool gal who has rockin’ copper hair!
Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
A: Spiritual, creative, gangster
Q: Would you say your music has influenced your style or vice versa?
A: My music has definitely helped carve out a style. We are living in a visual time and style gives you another outlet to further express yourself.
Q: What initially made you want to dye your hair copper?
A: I dyed my hair copper the day of a show without telling anybody. To me it was about being defiant and creating my own path. Copper is bold and a reminder to embrace what’s unique.
Q: How do you keep your copper so vivid?
A: Feria Power Copper
Q: How does having copper hair empower you on and off stage? How does it help you express your individuality?
A: It is easy to spot offstage and it’s perfect for whipping on stage.
Q: Feria is hair color for bold, creative people who want to express their individuality. How do you embody the Feria woman?
A: It requires a lot of charisma and vulnerability to make art and be able to share it. I work to create music that relates my experiences and empowers others.
Q: What was your favorite part about working with Feria?
A: The show we played at Milk Studios was definitely a highlight and getting to kick it with all these other
women who I respect so much.
Q: Who are some of your personal inspirations when it comes to style and why?
A: Rihanna is the queen and always will be.
Q: Whats next for ASTR? Whats next for you?
A: We are about to release our new EP “Homecoming” and are super stoked! We are out in LA this month writing and collabing and will be back playing festivals in September.
Stay tuned as I have two more interviews from different artists coming your way!
R. xx

Done in collaboration with L’Oreal Feria.

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  1. Olivia Fleming
    8 years ago

    Amazing post darling! I love seeing bloggers connect with awesome companies. Your hair is to die for! So glad you shared this~


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