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A new friendship.

Something I have learned in 2018 is that good friends are hard to come by, and I am very thrilled to finally have met Danielle!

As an adult, good friends are extremely hard to come by. One of the things I have always loved and been so thankful for is the power of the internet. Danielle and I met on Instagram and we became internet friends! Finally she came to New York and we hung out, had wine, shared stories and got to know each other on a deeper level. She’s so amazing (you guys can find her instagram here!) and it just made me so happy to have met such an amazing human.

When I find a good friend these days I hold them so close. So many people are just out to get something out of a friendship, and I definitely don’t have time for that! I think Danielle will just have to move to New York so we can be closer and hang out more 😉

We decided for this post that we would combine forces and host a giveaway for you guys! The rules can be found on my instagram here! We’re giving away $250 to a lucky person to have a Fall/Winter shopping spree of their choice. Or even use the money towards traveling home, buying gifts for your family… whatever it may be! We just wanted a way to give back.

Love you guys so much! xo

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  1. sara nena
    6 years ago

    How much I love your outfit, straight out of an anime, LOOOVE

  2. Jenn
    6 years ago

    My best friend is also someone I initially met on the internet (A chat site for Harry Potter fans, when I was 19, to be exact). Met her in Australia, then also hung out in Norway when I was doing my Europe trip!

    You both look gorgeous here and so happy 🙂

  3. layasa
    5 years ago

    Really She’s so amazing already I visited ger Instagram account “xomissdanielle
    “! Good Friendship. Their stuff is ADORABLE especially her red hat !!


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