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Hey! so a friend of mine that follows you told me to look at your blog, because I am currently in the process of trying to transfer to Columbia for photography. I currently go to a public university that just has an art department, and I decided I wanted more with my art education other than that. I guess I am just curious as too if you like Columbia? I can see that you love the city, I already have that love in my heart, but I am nervous about taking that huge step to go 6 hours away from home. :) your blog is lovely, and you seem like a nice person. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I do like Columbia. The profs have good connections, and are pretty nice. The people are diverse and fun to hang around as well. Columbia is also one of the few colleges in Chicago left that has darkrooms + film photo courses. I am about 5 or so hours from home and I’ve done well in the city! I was nervous at first too, but once you get into it, Chicago keeps you so busy and entertained you probably won’t even notice you’re far. The city has many many opportunities for artists. And thanks for the compliments! Hope that helps.

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