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I am sitting in a computer lab at my college waiting for my next class and I figured it was a good time to post and share my excitement because I’ve just finished my first (and most challenging) final exam! Wooh! It was on German Wiemar History, and I couldn’t be more happy to be done with that class. No more Hitler, no more intensely long German names and dates that I can’t remember. I should be better at German history since I am partially German…

Now I have 2 more days of classes left and then I have an entire month off! I have to do a presentation on Thursday on the culture of fashion blogging… you would think that I would be more confident than I actually am, I hate giving presentations and I get terrible anxiety build up before they happen. But, I am excited to go home for the Holidays and return to Chicago to hopefully get more looks posted. I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual lately since Gareth started working. It will be easier to shoot more over break since I won’t be in class when Gareth is at home.

Good luck to those of you doing final exams as well!



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