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are you going to columbia?? I JUST went there to look at it!


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Jag Lever

I love blogging, fashion, cooking, my cats and coffee.

Previous PostI love your tumblelog, its amazing and you're an inspiration. I'd really love to buy a few things from your shop but it would probably cost a lot more to send it to KL than the clothes actually cost D:
Next PostHey! so a friend of mine that follows you told me to look at your blog, because I am currently in the process of trying to transfer to Columbia for photography. I currently go to a public university that just has an art department, and I decided I wanted more with my art education other than that. I guess I am just curious as too if you like Columbia? I can see that you love the city, I already have that love in my heart, but I am nervous about taking that huge step to go 6 hours away from home. :) your blog is lovely, and you seem like a nice person. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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