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Hey Hey Hey. ;) So you live in Chicago?! Well I currently reside in Minnesota and I’m thinking about attending North Park University there. Have you heard of it? Anyway, I would love to know, from your own perspective and own first-hand experience what it’s like to live in Chicago! If you don’t mind I have a number of questions I’d like to ask. You can answer all, some, or none. Thank you so much!! ;) Is it pretty expensive over there? Do you live by yourself or friends? If so, do you live in an apartment or condo? Did you live in Chicago your whole life? If not, why are you living there now? If you didn’t live there your whole life, did you move to Chicago knowing anyone? Where in Chicago do you live and why? How is the enviorment? How long have you lived in Chicago? Ahhh, I have too many questions – sorry! Hopefully you’ll answer. :) XXOXOXOXO Tracy Mee Moua

It is expensive, but it really depends on where you live. The closer you are to downtown, the more expensive it becomes. I live by myself for now, but my fiance is moving in with me in April. I live in an apartment. I have lived here since last august. I moved here for school and because I love the city. There are many more career opportunities for me here. My cousin lives here now, and my brother used to live here so I’d visit a lot and fell in love with the city. I live in the lakeview area. The environment is amazing. There are tons and tons of people here doing art, everywhere you look. Chicago is great because it has a little bit of everything. I love where I live, I live a short walk to lake Michigan, and a short bus/train ride to downtown. The architecture is amazing and the people are super friendly. 

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