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Eros is a rotten shot.

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Eros is a rotten shot, don’t you say? I love this tee from the Orphans Arms. When it comes to shirts with words on them, there are few that I like. Orphans Arms gets it right every time with their clever references to gods and English-isms. They’re hand printed on soft fabrics to give them a vintage feel.

I paired it with these fancy Da-Sein socks that look pretty rad with my cut out oxfords from Ashbury Skies. These shoes are a-mazing. You can basically forever change the way they look by pairing them with different socks. And they look sweet without socks too. I wore them sock-less the other day and received some nice compliments! Love them.

Love, Eros and




Eros tee from The Orphans Arms | Cut out oxfords from Ashbury Skies | Socks from Da Sein


Photos by Noelle Downing

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  1. Hayley
    10 years ago

    cute outfit! THose shoes are amazing! And you are totally right, they will always be different! Which is great 🙂

    Hayley xx

  2. Natália Milena
    10 years ago

    Amazing look! I loved the shirt, the shorts and the lipstick!
    What’s the name of the lipstick?

  3. seekingstyle935j
    10 years ago

    Love as always!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Ashley
    10 years ago

    Again, the setting of these pictures! <3 You've got a good eye

    xo Ashley

  5. Alexia
    10 years ago

    The best part of this outfit are the socks + oxfords! xx
    > In the Mean

  6. colinechavaroche
    10 years ago

    nice tee 🙂

    Coline ♡

  7. María
    10 years ago

    Nice shoes and socks!! ^^


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