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As you may very well know, I am obsessed with hats. I think at this point I own 15+ hats! My hats come from a variety of places. Some are from, Crossroads, H&M, and Forever 21. Usually I get hats at a very good price. I never thought I could pull off hats, but one day, that all changed.

Finding the right hat for oneself can be tricky. There are a few important factors that go into finding a good hat. They include:

– hat size

– brim size

– style of the hat

– does it suit you?

I find that buying hats a little bigger than my hat size is beneficial. I like most of my hats to sit back on my head a little bit, so they don’t consume my face. Also, a bigger hat means your head won’t get sore after a couple of hours of wear.

Now, it is always important to try a hat on at first if you are new to wearing hats. Once you understand the style of hat you like, then buying online becomes a cinch.

Deciding what style of hat to choose to me is based on the look. Generally when I am picking a hat from my collection to wear with a look, I pick a hat that goes with the general time period of the look. Vintage looks get paired with vintage style hats, modern looks with more modern hats. Sometimes of course there is room to overlap. For example, sometimes when I wear a modern sophisticated black dress, I’ll wear my vintage-inspired top hat and it looks fun! If I am unsure, I will stand in a full body mirror trying on various hats with my look until I know which hat is the one. Having a basic understanding of the hats that fit certain trends is key to the beginning of pairing a hat with your look. But of course in fashion, there are no rules! So feel free to mix and match hats with different trends until you find what you like.

The bigger the brim, the less casual the look is generally that I pair the hat with. This is just something I tend to do habitually. Wide-brimmed hats generally look more sophisticated to me.

I hope this has inspired some of you to try out some new hats! They are really fun. I’ve noticed that a hat can really finish an outfit. But sometimes of course, some outfits just don’t go with any hat. It’s all about experimenting and feeling your best!

I will probably make a video version of this post soon!



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