Online splurging.

I just realized the dangers of me being left alone at my computer when I’m somewhat sleepy… I tend to click away and online shop like a mofo. I justify it in my head by thinking to myself “well, I just have to sell that much of my clothes this week!” to make up for the cost of the purchase.


This time I did some damage on Wildfox, and the other day on UNIF. I had to finally splurge on the Twiggy sunglasses in crystal (I have them in black) because I absolutely have loved them ever since this photo:


(I opted for the ones without the writing.)

And then my girl Rachel Lynch was wearing a Wildfox heart & dagger sweater and I saw it was on sale so I knew I had to have that too. I got it in white and I can’t wait to wear it for the remainder of the cold days we may have until spring.

The UNIF purchase I made was the Always Forever moto jacket. I saw it on Instagram (proof that Instagram does make one go and buy things) and mulled it over for a couple of weeks. I found myself going back to the photos of the jacket and pining for it, so I went ahead and finally bought it! I can’t wait to get it in the mail.

It basically says “always” on one sleeve and “forever” on the other with a heart made of roses on the back. Swoon.

Sometimes you just have to splurge on yourself as a reward, that’s how I always justify it! Haha.

Have you guys made any exciting purchases recently that you’re super stoked about?




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