How to wear a bandana.


Classic Western: This is the most classic way one can wear a bandana. Simply fold the bandana into a triangle, tie it behind your neck and you’re good to go! I tend to move mine around a bit until I like the way it’s sitting.

The Hippie: This way is perfect for summer and warmer months! Channel your inner woodstock vibes by simply rolling/folding the bandana as thin or thick as you want the band and then tie it around your head.

The Badass: This way is a little less common, but with the right outfit can be very effective. I typically wear bandanas like this with vintage denim. It gives it a rough edge like… “Don’t mess with me!”

The Boyscout: I can’t help but picture boyscout uniforms when I wear bandanas this way. This way is extremely simple: just tie the bandana so the knot is in the front instead of the back of your neck.

The Pocket Square:This is for y’all sophisticated folk. Wear it folded into a rectangle and tuck it in your pocket.

Bandana bow: This way is the least practical and honestly I was just being silly when I tied the bandana around my suspender. You can toe it in a bow around a belt loop too if you’re going for a more girly look with the bandana.


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