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My Guide to Shopping Distressed Denim Shorts

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have a true love for distressed denim shorts! And vintage denim shorts too. I love a good pattern or print!

I had some requests to share where I find my shorts so I wanted to go ahead and make a little shopping guide here for you guys!

Here are some of my favorite vintage denim shorts that are currently available:

Here are my favorite new denim shorts available:

When shopping for vintage denim shorts I always have my measurements handy in my notes on my phone to compare sizing. NEVER go by the vintage label size when shopping vintage denim! It’s never accurate. Measure a pair of denim shorts you already own and go by that instead! 🙂 You will have much more success in fit.

I hope you guys love this post and find it helpful, love y’all so much!



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