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Winter desires.


Since we still have another month of winter ahead, I decided to think about some of my current winter desires. They range from household objects to clothing pieces.

1. Douglas fir incense – I’ve seen this in shops and through the box it makes me feel like I am walking through the perfect pine forest. I need to try these soon since I am pretty much an incense connoisseur.

2. Pendleton socks – I love anything and everything Pendleton, so naturally I am drawn to these socks. How cute would these be with all of my boots?!

3. Pendleton towel – I want this for the same reasons above. It’s Pendleton. It’s a towel. It’s perfect.

4. Zara plaid pants – These plaid pants are to die for. I love the zipper details on them. I actually just acquired these pants last night because Zara had a huge sale and they were $19.99! SCORE.

5. Worth & Worth asymmetry cap – This hat is so unique and adorable! I love that it looks like a vintage riding cap. This would look great with some of my more vintage inspired looks with pants. Dont ya think?

6. Alexander Wang constance boots – I FINALLY GOT THESE! I have been coveting these babies for probably over a year now. Either they haven’t been in my price range or they weren’t on eBay in my size. But I love them. I love the shape, the color, the lace and the fabric. These are almost a flannel material and I can’t wait to style them!

I’ll be posting more of these once I gather another round of items I’m lustin’ over. Love you all!


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