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First resolution.

Putting my first new year resolution to work in these perfect work out pants.

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One of my most important new years resolutions is to start working out. I haven’t worked out steadily since I started college, which is to say I haven’t been working out in a really long time. I miss playing hockey and volleyball. I miss competitive sports…

But being in New York usually means finding a good gym and sticking to it. Being a fashion blogger especially means I want to look cute when I go to the gym. That’s when these perfect workout leggings saved me!

They’re by a company called Werkshop and they are brand new. They actually began the company with a Kickstarter (which is still running.)

I can definitely say I love how soft these leggings are and I will be happy to wear them to the gym all the time! These leggings are also waterproof so I could surf in them if I wanted to. Definitely check them out if you’re into workout gear and show some love even if it’s just an Instagram follow (@werkshop)! I love supporting new small businesses.




I am wearing… orchid leggings by Werkshop and a Nike sports bra.

Photographs by Rachel Lynch 

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  1. carol
    9 years ago

    very nice leggings !

  2. thegoodie2013
    9 years ago

    Unique print on leggings:)

  3. miha
    9 years ago

    these would be the perfect yoga pants for me. I love the print <3

  4. Claire Allison
    9 years ago

    Best way to get motivated to work out is in new fun gear! Nice choice

  5. Lyn
    9 years ago

    I’ve never seen anyone looking this good at the gym so your ‘goal’ of looking cute ik the gym worked out! (haha worked out , sorry the level of my humor is really low since I’m having finals :p)
    xo Lyn

  6. Rebeca
    8 years ago

    You need more flexibility to do the tree pose and opethe hips.


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