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Personal: The Hard Parts about being a Blogger & A Love Letter

I love when people come to me and say things like “I would love to be a blogger!” but when they say things like “you’re SO lucky, you have it so easy” sometimes I cringe a little bit. I just wish they knew the entire truth. Blogging just has its hard parts just like any other job. Preface: I f*cking love my job. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But Instagram is my job, and while I enjoy it very much, it removes the shine from social media that other people look to as an enjoyment.

A lot of people use Instagram to escape from their day and feel inspired (the same way I use Pinterest and Tumblr, actually). At the beginning of my blogging journey I shared EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the ugly. I hardly had any eyes on my blog so that was easy. It was my personal outlet that I loved. It was cathartic.

Nowadays with Instagram being so popular (thank goodness for this) bloggers tend to really think out their posts a lot more, because think about a football field filled to the brim with people all staring at you in the middle. That’s how it can be for bloggers. I try so much to remove that fact, and since I’ve been blogging for 9 years that doesn’t really effect me. Sure, I think about the overall look of my feed way too much. I just try to really be cautious about sharing.

Some followers love to see the hard days and the honesty. Others are bummed when bloggers are too honest and sad because for them, we’re an escape. We basically spend our days creating, sometimes hiding tears and just wondering what we can make and do to inspire all of you lovely humans out there.

Some days I wish I could share everything just to let everyone know that they’re never alone. Some days I keep my feelings private, and sometimes its nice to know I have some things that are just mine. But also I just want to achieve my main goal, which is to touch every follower I have in some way or inspire them. Even a simple smile just once is all I really want. Or one sigh of relief that maybe they’re dealing with a similar situation. We’re all human at the end of the day and no relationship, home, family or city is perfect.

A huge thing I would recommend to any person in any career out there is spread your wings with friendships. I love my blogger friends so much, but it’s so important for growth to make sure you have a variety of friends doing different things. This has been a big growing curve for me. As a blogger we work nearly 24/7. If I’m not on Instagram, shooting photos, planning things out, doing emails, texting my manager, on pinterest… well, I’m probably sleeping and that’s about it lols. This becomes so hard in friendships and relationships. Majority of my friends are bloggers so naturally when we get together, work is a topic of discussion. Which is why I find it extra helpful to have non-blogger friends because it forces me to have just a few hours off and pulled away from my phone.

A love letter

I just like to once in a while bring light to the fact that everything has ups and downs, including every career. There are some things about blogging that other people would absolutely hate. I however am extremely lucky and thankful that my passion coincidentally became my job and I cant thank each and every one of you enough for the support over the years in helping me be able to do this daily.

I love you all and I see all of your comments. They make my day and remind me why I never even want to take a day off, because days shared with you guys and making you happy means so much to me.
I encourage you all to do what feels natural and chase your dreams because you feel passionate about it. Always keep in mind when browsing instagram that it’s not all as perfect as it seems. Think of it as looking at someones personal art portfolio. It’s feelings and real emotions but also it’s a constant pushing of content to essentially one-up yourself, at least I feel that way sometimes. For me it’s “how can I be better? how can I make better pictures? how can I please my followers more so they’ll engage?”. One almost has to be this way in the blogging world because we’re all trying to make our ends meet.

This has become a bit of a ramble now and writing has not always been a strong point for me, I’m better at the pictures so I like to stick with that but I wanted to share some thoughts I had. I love you guys so much!

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  1. Sora
    4 years ago

    I loved this ramble so much Rachel! I struggle a lot as well as a small blogger: should I post content that feels more light or contribute to the world in a different way, as in talking about mental illness and posting think pieces? It’s so hard to make a choice!

    Sora |
    Sora recently posted…Reflecting on 2018My Profile

    1. Jag Lever
      4 years ago

      thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it. I agree its always hard to make a choice! I try to just choose what feels right in the moment


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