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Old pine.

A glimpse of my camping trip in upstate New York.

IMG_7898 IMG_7857 IMG_7894 IMG_7872 IMG_7911 IMG_7930

I spent a few days upstate with an amazing group of friends a few weeks back at great Sacandaga lake. I think the best part about this trip is that we had no cell phone reception at all! It was an unexpected occurrence but I was actually grateful for it. (Part of me thinks that should happen at least one day a month at least.) It was so nice to not look at a screen every ten seconds.

The lake was beautiful. We didn’t have the best luck with the weather so there was a lot of cooking, drinking and relaxing so I can’t complain. We went on a tubing trip down the river and it was my first time. I have to say it was SO MUCH FUN and I would like to do that way more often in the future!

I was sad to leave but I will admit that I couldn’t wait to turn my phone back on… le sigh.



In this look… plaid flannel c/o Garage Clothing, Dolce Vita boots (old), Scala hat from In God We Trust.

Photographs taken by Kayla

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  1. Sky Fought
    9 years ago

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I need to go camping soon, I need to experience beauty like the kind in these pictures!

  2. Enn Franco
    9 years ago

    This post is full of inspiration for me. I am in love with deep deep forest and lakes!

  3. Cindy (peeintothewind)
    9 years ago

    I’m surprised you still managed to be fashionable while you go camping – I went on a camping trip last weekend (slept in tents, not cabins) and pretty much everyone and I just wore T-shirts and shorts. I’d never dream of dressing up because of the impracticality and I’d be worried that my nice clothes would get dirty or smelly. I hope that you were able to stay comfortable during your trip!

  4. Carolina Filipe
    9 years ago

    Your look is amazing as always! And the set looks so beautiful and perfect!!!

  5. Jessie
    9 years ago

    You look pretty and amazing, as always ! Love it ! ♥
    Jessie from

  6. Helen Grace
    9 years ago

    These pictures of your camping trip look amazing! I definitely need a trip like this, where I’m able to turn off my phone for a couple of days. Your outfit is beautiful, as always.


  7. hettietrueluck
    9 years ago

    I make a concious effort to spend less time on my phone.

  8. laurenmaria84
    9 years ago

    Photos are gorgeous, it’s great to switch off from the world for a few days every now and then even if it’s not planned

  9. Naomi A
    9 years ago

    Everything is so beautiful in this post! I love the pic of you on the dock~

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  10. Wilson Amplifiers
    3 years ago

    Amazing shots! I like your look 🙂


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