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Learning how to Skate


I did something a little crazy…








A few summers ago I pushed around on a friends skateboard in the park and it was so much fun! Ever since I’ve always wanted to learn. But I can tell after trying to skate for a day that its going to take lots and lots of practice.

I wore my custom Vans for the occasion. You can customize a pair of vans, here! I cant tell you guys how happy I am with how these came out! Of course I made them white and red. The best part is the little detail on the back, they say “Jag Lever”. How cute, right?!

You can create your own custom vans here. Have fun with it! Oh yeah, lmk if anyone wants to practice skating 😉

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  1. sara nena
    3 years ago

    how cooooooool, loving custumize items
    sara nena recently posted…Sporty chic for Antonia Tsami & Elvira’s Hair StudioMy Profile

  2. Ericka
    2 years ago

    I love your customized shoes!
    I used to skate but I have to get fit since I can’t balance on the board without falling in 5 secs..

  3. Raj
    2 years ago

    Hi Rachel, The pictures are perfect, however if you’re trying skateboarding as a beginner, you should have put on safety gear like a helmet, knee cap etc.

  4. Nurnabi
    2 years ago

    Hey Rachel, This information I feel very good to me. I have question, for beginners It is necessary to know what wheel is best?

    Because, I am review some longboard & skateboard wheels which is best in the world. Check the link-

  5. Tom Hanks
    1 year ago

    It’s great to start skateboarding. Love to see you learning skateboarding.
    Tom Hanks recently posted…Best Electric Skateboard of 2019 Complete Reviews with ComparisonMy Profile

  6. Tom Hanks
    1 year ago

    I tried my skateboarding. At the start, it was good fun.
    Tom Hanks recently posted…Best Electric Skateboard of 2019 Complete Reviews with ComparisonMy Profile

  7. Angela
    1 year ago

    Hi Jag. You’ve got a good post here. Love it and I’m glad to tell you I love blogging as well.
    Angela recently posted…Best helmet for skateboarding – [Exactly what you need]My Profile

  8. Ryan Murphy
    1 year ago

    Cool. Good to see you enjoying your first experiences on skateboarding with your good taste of fashion. Loving the customized shoes and great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Ryan Murphy recently posted…Easy Skateboard Tricks for BeginnersMy Profile

  9. skateshouse
    12 months ago

    Hi Rachel, Are you trying to skating? drive safely& use a helmet.

  10. Topouter
    10 months ago

    I started skateboarding since i was 10. I am bit experienced. I am thing about switching electric skateboard from newt month. but confuse about selecting one. I have read few review ( but dont know which one is the best. any suggesting ?

  11. Rogers L. Dorothy
    9 months ago

    Hi, I have found some awesome skateboard which are electric under 500 bucks. Those are really cool. You can try from those. Here are the top 10 cheap e-skateboard.

  12. Skateboard
    2 months ago

    Learning skateboarding is not much difficult. Just we have to follow some basic steps. Riding an electric skateboard is more easy than normal skateboard


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