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How to Break In Dr Martens

I’ve been considered the connoisseur if you will of the fabulous Dr Marten’s boots and shoes. My collection is spilling off of two giant shelves, and I don’t plan on stopping there!

I started wearing docs in the 90s literally when I was in elementary school. I’ll never forget those brown docs, never ever! They even finished my Link from Ocarina of Time costume.

So lets get to it, how do you break in those pesky stiff new docs?!

  1. My first word of advice is know your foot shape. If your feet typically rub in a certain spot, they are going to probably rub there 10x worse in docs since they are made of leather. If you already have a history of trouble wearing in shoes, buy vintage or used docs! There are SO MANY that are already broken in and ready for you to rescue them 🙂
  2. Wear thick socks! Always wear good socks especially at the beginning during break in.
  3. Prep your feet in the spots that always get sore and rub with band-aids. You don’t have to let it get to the point of bleeding if you prepare ahead of time! My worst place is back of the heel. I just bought a new pair of Bethans so I’ll definitely be applying band-aids there ahead of time!
  4. Wear them around the house FIRST. When you’re on the computer try to maneuver them and bend them a bit. Don’t expect to take your new docs for a ten mile walk the first week, it just ain’t gonna happen!
  5. When you initially wear them out bring a spare pair of shoes, sneakers or flats are best! It’s the worst when you’re already out and you just know those docs have to come off for a bit and you don’t have any other shoes on hand.
  6. When they start to hurt, you gotta just take them off! Don’t allow your feet to start blistering because then you won’t be able to continue to gradually break them in.
  7. Use the wonder balsam! I’ve linked it here. It can soften the leather. What’s also great to do is once you use the balsam, move the leather around gently and massage it in the spots where it might particularly be rubbing your feet.

And those are my best tips! If you guys have any additional ones feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂

Love, Rachel

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  1. Telf AG
    2 years ago

    love this brand

  2. Emmy
    2 years ago

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing this
    Emmy recently posted…Best Back Massager for Knots & Back Pain: Top 20 ReviewMy Profile

  3. Suzan
    2 years ago

    Would you say it’s the same with the vegan docs? Just bought my first pair, & I’m a half size, so I sized up.

  4. Jennifer
    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing.

    My blog:

  5. Stacey
    1 year ago

    I bought the Pascal Virginia style and they needed literally zero break in time! My feet are super sensitive so I was worried, but wore thicker socks and they were fine. They are so soft. I worry they won’t last as long because the leather is on the thinner side, but I loooooove them and they aren’t as annoying to get on as other lace up boots or harder docs could be.

  6. Adrian at BestForMyFeet
    3 months ago

    Hey, great post Rachel. One thing I would not do and don’t recommend is to buy second hand boots. For the simple reason that you have no idea who had those boots before and how healthy their feet were.

    You could get any fungus or other bacteria from the previous owner.

    Having said that would you do the same process for breaking in Doc Martens work boots?

    Thanks a bunch.
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